Stay a Step Ahead of Heating and Cooling Issues

You'll need seasonal HVAC maintenance in Laramie, WY

Waiting for HVAC issues to occur before you check up on your system doesn't make sense. You can save yourself time, money and stress by getting routine preventive HVAC maintenance. 7220 Fire & Ice has your covered. Our local Laramie, WY pros know how to inspect systems, identify potential issues and prevent problems.

We're dedicated to serving our neighbors. That's why we offer free estimates and discounts for military members and first responders. Learn more about our HVAC maintenance services now by calling (307) 460-3677.

Check your systems as the seasons change

Most experts recommend getting HVAC inspections when the seasons begin to change. That way, you won't get stuck without heating or cooling when temperatures get extreme. We know how to handle these seasonal tuneups with ease. We can inspect and clean your furnace, change filters and troubleshoot air conditioners. It's all under control when you work with us.

Pencil in a professional HVAC inspection in Laramie, WY today.